Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Quick update:

All is as it should be in the world. I have indeed jinxed myself. Today has not been a better day. I repeat: NOT a better day.

Yet, I've been very productive at work. One less thing to stress out over later. I was offered a pass to New Music West which I had to turn down. Sad. I'm looking very much forward to getting home and relaxing tonight. Alone time is nice. I am learning that. Not in my nature, but I'm learning to appreciate it.

I ran into an old friend on the way to work this morning. Weird seeing people out of context. It wasn't awkward because it was a quick "hi" and "bye". Nice and painless.

I now have a "2-year-plan". Of course there is always I chance I will cool and abandon it, but for now it's pleasing me. I really think things are going to be fine. In fact, I know they are. Regardless of what happens between then and now, I'll be wearing a ski sweater and toasting my good fortune in no time.


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