Sunday, November 21, 2004

So today I went to see a movie that was almost as reassuring as it was interesting. You know, just a a bit of quantum physics on a Sunday afternoon. Glad I went to see it as it took my mind off of missing the Santa Claus Parade. Sad. And there will be more holiday sadness, I'm sure. But according to quantum physics there is no good or bad in life and therefore, no reason to stew in guilt and unhappiness. Yes, that's right folks, one movie and I'm adapting science to suit me.

Man, I'm craving a snack. I still reallllly need a haircut. I am desperately broke right now, but I think things will work out just fine. A slight banking miscalculation and a reckless purchase have, as we say back home, "fuckered me over" for a spot. But, as My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss says, "The weak only survive if the strong are weaker."

And hey, check out my nice, nice horoscope (for once):

Love, affection, and romance seem to be all around you, dear Cancer. Strong feelings of unity with close friends, family members, and romantic partners are likely to well up within you throughout the day. You can also expect a rush of imagination and artistic inspiration - perhaps generated by the support of those around you. Any relationships formed now are likely to last for a long time. Remember this day when times get tough.


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