Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A very challenging day!

The day began with an uncomfortable and frosty morning meeting and exchange. Sad. Then I had to deal with the bank, again. I cannot tell you the misery I've suffered at the white, bony hands of the Royal Bank of Canada. Truly unbelievable and very stressful. And, you won't believe it...a banker actually telephoned and apologized to yours truly. Yes, I'm an adult now. Of course, the same banker screwed up my account further after apologizing and this is why I had to return to the bank this morning. Happy to report we sorted things out and I will indeed rec'v my final paycheque of the year 2004 before Christmas.

I walked out of the bank feeling pretty pleased and managed to entertain myself with my banking success as I stood in a very long queue at Future Shop. Things were going alright until I got to the cashier and realized I didnt have my wallet. A mad rush back to the bank and several frantic moments of searching proved fruitful. I couldn't believe my luck. My wallet was sitting where I had dropped it (thank you, Finn). Relieved, I headed back to Future Shop with a quick pitstop at ye olde London Drugs where I dropped $30 on various toiletries. I returned to Future Shop, made my purchase and then scooted on over to Winners for a little Christmas shopping. As usual, I found nothing and carried on a block or two to catch the 3:30 showing of Lemony Snicket's - A Series of Unfortunate Events. Fitting. A few steps from the theatre I realized the London Drugs bag was missing. Back to Future Shop where thankfully, some kind soul turned the bag in. Seriously, colour me stupid.

Long story longer: the movie was good, I managed to make it home without losing anything else (that I know of, anyway) and I enjoyed a relatively nice evening. All's well that blah, blah, blah.

I did a few things over the weekend. Went to a party...pardon, a "film party". Need I say more? Sunday night I went to see the Phoenix Chamber Choir Christmas performance. Lovely. That same night I attended an odd yet potentially interesting party way up a mountain in North Van.

Such a dry entry tonight. Apologies. I am tired and a bit anxious. Can't really turn a phrase right now. I promise to do better.


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