Saturday, January 08, 2005

Charity Begins at Home

The other morning as I stood in line at ye olde Starbucks , I got me a good reminder of how revolting people can be. It was crazy busy and the "barristas" had obviously made a couple of mistakes resulting in two unclaimed drinks sitting on the bar. One of the Starbuckeroos kept calling out for someone to claim the coffees and when no one did she asked if anyone in line wanted an extra coffee. Still, no one moved forward and then the woman asked if anyone would be willing to take the coffees outside to some of the homeless people sitting out front. I was about to go pick up the drinks to take out, when some fat tub of shit of a middle-aged woman pushed her way to the bar exclaiming, "Well, I'll take these to my son and daughter-in-law then." The woman behind the counter didn't even try to hide her disgusted expression and I'm sure the homeless-hating old bitch didn't notice because she then asked for a tray to carry all of her coffee beverages.

Unbelievable! Mustn' t let those delicious coffees go to waste on street folk who wouldn't know the difference between a soy, extra-hot no foam latte and the dregs they slurp out of disposed 7-11 coffee cups.

Oh, and while we're on the topic of great injustices in this world, I burned my knuckles making pancakes this morning.


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