Sunday, January 23, 2005

I have spawned a zit smack-dab between my eyes. The only way to camouflage this disaster is to comb my bangs across and over one eye. This makes me look a special sort of emo-esque annoying. I feel like I have most definitely lost my comehitherness. Just one of those nights, you know? I live in a vibrant neighbourhood and I can hear couples canoodling on the streets and my neighbour banging his girlfriend. It's Saturday night in the West End and I'm applying tea tree oil and hot compresses to the "blemish"(so ladylike) between my eyes. Rock on.

In other news, I went to a yoga open house. It was interesting and the soup was tasty. Sure, the chanting made me a little uncomfortable, and I was the only woman wearing make-up...and heels...and a leather jacket at the vegan reception... But, I learned a thing or two and found the Swami to be quite personable. Listen to me!

Fuck, I just spilled my huge bottle of water on my bed. Oh, I wish I were out getting sloppily and happily loaded somewheres.


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