Sunday, January 09, 2005

Lip Service

Bloody hell, another cold sore. What the fuck? And I've been so very mindful of my health lately. A steady diet of chocolate and processed sugar, a consistent level of unmanageable stress and lack of sleep... what am i doing wrong?

I went to a potluck tonight and had a fire lit under my lazy ass. The hostess is currently writing a piece for Cosmo and I helped her edit it. She's done a great job and I now feel inspired. I have sent off maybe ten query letters in my life and so my Cosmo-courting friend is going to help me polish my technique a bit. I have to get it together and start building a freelance career for myself. ZeD won't be around forever. So, I'm going to harass a few editors in the next few weeks. Now all I need are a few pitch ideas. Thoughts anyone?


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