Thursday, February 10, 2005

My nerves are shot tonight and I can't for the life of me figure out why. I have an apprehensive feeling in my stomach. Weird. No PMS, no extra-unusual stressors...who knows? Mind you, maybe it's a delayed reaction to a stressful start to the week. I spilled my guts, you see. So maybe that's the empty feeling I have in the belly. Not that speaking my mind was a bad thing. I feel huge relief. Perhaps this case of the nervous nellies has nothing to do with recent events. Or maybe it's the disgusting potato salad I ate at Rosies (shithole at Robson and Hamilton). Or maybe who gives a fuck, right?

Valentines Day approacheth. Let me tell you, this has never been a successful holiday for me. And, I assure you, we're not talking your typical lady-bitching about lack o' romance. I could tell you stories that would either make you feel very sorry for me or very smug - depends on the cut of your gib. But, let's not dwell. Valentines Day confuses me. I want to be above this heartbreaking holiday, but I'm not. And I hate that.

I did my nails tonight, and hoo-boy they look smart!

I need to read a book - my brain feels soft.


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