Saturday, March 19, 2005

Good news. I seem to have frightened/poisoned the fuck out of the silverfish infestation seething around my balcony door.

Bad news. I seem to have chased/encouraged the fuck out of the remaining silverfish into infesting my kitchen.

I decided to make waffles for dinner tonight. And lo and behold, the 2 cups of Bisquik I dumped into my measuring cup turned out to consist of a good 1/4 cup of squirming, hideous, grey bugs. I cannot possibly relay to you my horror. I have very real issues with the concept of co-existing with bugs. I accept some of them - like ladybugs, spiders, moths and even wasps, horseflies and mosquitos. But I draw the line at silverfish.

I had a moderately serious melt down, threw out everything in my cupboards and eventually ordered in a pizza.

I cannot live like this. I have to move. I have to.


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