Sunday, March 20, 2005


There, I said it. Once upon a time, my mailboxes were barely manageable and nowadays I actually welcome spam. Yes, yes I do want to learn how to make her gag on my 14 " cock. Thank you for asking.

Now, of course some might say I have quite a nerve to complain when I have a list of a few important people whom I haven't emailed myself (Nadina, I have an email or 2 for you on the way). But this isn't about me being fair and just. Besides, if life were like that we wouldn't need Visa. No, this is about me checking my three, - no, four - email accounts a few minutes ago and finding nothing more than a few virtual tumbleweeds. It's just so sad. I blame technology. truth be told. It's a much nicer thought then accepting my current state of friendlessness.

On the bright side, no one calls me on the telephone either. At least I don't have to play the friend or foe game with unidentified callers (friend= known - foe=unknown/bill collector). Also, the chocolate chip oatmeal cookie I bought at Capers was delicious.


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