Monday, April 25, 2005

Early, early Monday morning and I'm on the mend. Sure, if I lay for too long on my back I risk drowning in my own phlegm - but, other than that, I believe this mudder fudder of a cold is on its way out.

I'm at my new place and I'm on dial-up. It's not so bad...seriously.

It's been a relaxing weekend and I am grateful - even if I did miss out on a couple of tantalizing social opportunities. But I am fairly certain that if I had tried to go out I would have probably died. So, no regrets...mostly.

The fact that I lived through the weekend means I have to deal with this week. I have to move, clean the old apartment and deal with a banking fiasco that I just don't have the heart to tell you about right now.

I'm tired and I just remembered that I filled the tub with water ages ago. Luke warm bliss, here I come!


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