Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I have taken on the task of selling Girl Guide cookies (Brownie cookies, technically) at work, because I am the helpful/competitive sort. So this morning I grabbed the rather heavy carton of cookies (with the words "Girl Guides" gaudily emblazoned all over it) and carried it to work.

Waiting at the bus stop, three different creeps in cars made crass "cookie comments". Very embarrassing when you are standing with others. One nice older lady smiled at me and delivered a disapproving cluck toward one of the nasty drivers. She told me she used to sell cookies for her three daughters and she had never had to put up with such rudeness.

The crowded bus trip up to work left my arms aching from the added weight of the awkward cookie carton and my body craving caffeine. As luck would have the bus dropped me off right in front of a Starbucks...and mother's lock up your daughters, the pervs were out in full force. Within moments, some smarmy business man wiggled his eyebrows and made a comment about me being a bit old for a girl guide. His friend added, "You'd probably sell more if you were wearing the uniform."

Um... Ew.

I sold three boxes before I had a chance to add too much sugar to my non-fat latte. That's $12 just for carrying the carton. Nice. Men are so disgusting, bless their hearts.


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