Sunday, April 10, 2005

i tweed you to tweed me

I spent the day organizing the new digs and I think I may even be able to fit my beloved sofa among the subletter's belongings.

I love my sofa. It folds into a bed, has a secret compartment with a tabletop hidden under a removable arm cushion and is the same model that was used on the original "I Love Lucy" set. A couple of years ago I spied it in a vintage shop for $600. Many months and a student loan later, it was mine. Well, actually it was "ours" and I'm no longer a part of that particular "ours". It would be painful to give it up. There are many memories tied to the hulking, tweed-covered beauty. Mind you, those memories are as painful as they are pleasant - "cuz life's like that". Just like Avril says. We shall see how it works out.

I am thinking I like my new situation more and more. And I will say this, there are many attractive people in my neighbourhood - if you can tolerate the tragically hip. Sure, military caps are epidemic and there is a lot of faux-filthy hair, but there's also many a pair of nice jeans and a fair sampling of good bone structure. The women are alright, too. If you like your ladies with dirty hair and a sneer. Well, I'm not being fair, I guess. A few cute chicks walked past my place on the way to the market next-door. But I'm sure they get enough press in their own lives.

It is storming away outside. Tonight, back in the West End,I found a silverfish in my sink. I smiled benignly at it as I turned on the hot water tap.

Good night.


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