Thursday, May 12, 2005

It is Thursday and today my issue is "waxing".

I have been growing my leg hair for nearly a month and I am making myself sick. This morning I had to wear a skirt due to the lethal combination of diminished clean laundry and a waking realization of hopeless flabbiness. During my bus ride to work, I looked down and was confused. Where was the rest of the hairy middle-eastern man who had somehow wedged his legs under by seat? How was he accomplishing this and why was he wearing such cute sneakers?

Right. I had to stop off at Winners (cuz everyone looooves a winner, right?) for some knee-socks..and cool rubber high-heels and a couple of tank tops.

Good thing I'm poor and that all signs point to redundancy come fall! Well, let us not dwell on such misery. My legs are covered, my new tops are flattering and things are nice for now.

I love everyone.


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