Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I'm bored and hungry and today I wore a skirt that is too damned short. I rode my bike here and learned a valuable lesson. Short flippy skirts do not fare well on a bike. I had to keep tucking the cute flippy part down so as not to expose my crotch to all the cars speeding across the viaduct. Bloody wind gusts.

I tried to work on my resume... for a minute or so. It went swimmingly. Fuck, I have no digital files of my past stupendous achievements so I have to type everything again. My old website has disappeared off the internet and I don't have a demo reel. Why can't people just trust that I am awesome? Why must we go through this elaborate dance of references, and work history and work samples? I am offended, really. If I say "I rule" then, by jiminy, I rule. All this red tape is for chumps.

I do believe I may need to go out and get filthy drunk one of these days. I normally don't bother. But, perhaps it wouldn't be the worst thing ever.

hungry... bored...


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