Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'm sick... I think. It keeps coming and going and coming. Today I feel like crapola. And I don't mind telling you I look especially hideous. I look like I have a perm, I have a mild break out creeping all over my chin AND an angry red scratch across my nose. I dressed poorly, even by my most generous standards and I'm pretty sure I look six months pregnant today.

Oh yeah, did I mention that it is almost certain that I will be unemployed in a month? Neat, huh? Right now I am at work waiting for an "announcement". We were told to be at work for an important meeting at 10:30 am. It is now nearly three in the afternoon and we are still waiting to meet. Apparently today's announcment will give us some indication of our future with the good old mother corpse. I am not optimisitic. Which isn't like me, I know. I just wish they'd have the decency to sharpen the fucking axe. This dull thudding is giving me a headache.


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