Wednesday, June 08, 2005

One more day until payday. I will treasure it as a regular paycheque may soon become nothing more than a fond memory. Redundant? Me? You betcha! Well, I'll find out soon enough. My contract ends July 31st. If I am not renewed - I am screwed.

Today, on my way out for a tasty/pricey coffee, I had the pleasure of walking behind three teen-aged boys for a block or so. They trundled along in a cloud of drugstore cologne, hair gel and acne. One boy bragged that a girl promised to bring her friends to his party. The other boys didn't seem convinced. The tallest of the three (they were all short) responded by pulling the braggart's ball cap down over his eyes. A scuffle ensued, releasing more cheap aftershave and hormones into the ether. I guessed they were maybe 15 years old. It occured to me that I could have healthily given birth to these beasts. I remembered a girl I went to highschool with who left in the eleventh grade to have a baby. She never came back to school. Did she have a pimply, obnoxious teen at home? Poor thing. But back to me... Frightening to realize you are old enough to have birthed a creature that is old enough to drive.

Last night I noticed heaps of white hair clawing its way through my roots. I am resigned to wearing a fringe for the rest of my life due to a permanently furrowed brow. I now require maintainance. I will have to start using lotions and potions. I don't really mind so much. It's just unfortunate that men do.

I am craving pizza and coke like nobody's beeswax.

Payday's comin'. Tomorrow I will be up to my ass in take out and scratch n' win tickets! Yee haw!

That reminds me... anyone watch K-fed and Brit-Brit's Chaotic?


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