Monday, June 20, 2005

So, what's new, you don't ask? Well, I spent a few days pouting over my recent redundancy at the old CB of C and then I got over it... kind of. It will be exciting to get a new job...maybe. It is mildly terrifying, as well. I am looking at my portfolio and I haven't published one goddamned thing since I got the job at ZeD. Not cool. That said, I now have extensive online writing experience and one script credit under my belt. I dunno know where I stand. I will have to steel myself for great big gobs of rejection and I don't mind telling you I'm one weak-ass mutha fucka nowadays. We shall see, right? Right.

Father's day came and went. This year I found the whole event depressing. My dad seemed old even though at 56 he really isn't. The other father near and dear to me seemed damaged and sad. It wasn't a great day. But crossing water and eating curried tofu in front of a mountain sunset was a very nice palate cleanser.

This week I update my resume. On paper, I'm rather fucking impressive. Let me tell you.


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