Friday, July 08, 2005

Just so you know, I am very mad at Kitto.

Sometimes the food is very tasty and nice there. And sometimes a super snotty waitress tries to charge you $0.75 extra to make you a spicey salmon cone. Her logic: "We make spicey tuna cones. NOT spicey salmon cones, so we will have to charge you $0.75 extra." I asked her if she could just bring some hot sauce and I could make it myself and she responded by telling me that a splash of hotsauce costs a body $0.75 nowadays. I really wanted a spicey salmon cone and so I allowed myself to be financially sodomized by my once beloved Kitto - who, not 2 weeks ago, made me a lovely salmon cone with all the fire of hades. And they served it with a smile and nary a surcharge to be found.

I promise to boycott Kitto until such time as I feel they have learned their lesson or until I'm very hungry and too lazy to walk to another restaurant.


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