Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A brief word from the front line...

I still don't have independent access to a computer. I am dropping y'all a line on someone else's dime - so this will be short.

The first day of the strike was kind of exciting. People were giddy and enjoying the sunshine. I chatted with CBC employees whom I'd never met. I got myself one helluva sunburn.

The second day of the strike was alright. Although the sidewalk around the perimeter of the CBC building started to seem longer and more... like squares of concrete. Squares and squares of grey, unforgiving concrete.

The third day sucked. Drinking coffee kept me artificially peppy and running across the street to the bathroom. The street wackos love me. No, really. The really, really, love me.

I would much prefer to be back at work. But I am getting lots of exercise - an improvement from parking my ass in front of a monitor for many hours each day. I am getting fresh air. I am part of a "movement". Together we are strong... and getting broker by the day. This strike will cause a lot of people some major financial heartbreak. It's back-to-school time for parents. People have mortgage payments to make, bookies to pay off, drug habits to support. Sigh.

CBC, let me back in! I like the bathroom in the ZeD office! I miss my computer! I miss my drawer of condiments.

Mind you, my tan is rather golden and my calves are looking a wee bit taut.

Better hit the hay. I didn't pick it. But I gots to picket.


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