Friday, August 12, 2005

Cautiously, cautiously I say things are looking up. Touch wood, for chrissakes.

I am starting to look forward to moving into my new place. I am imagining painting the walls, fixing up the bathroom and decorating the bedrooms. I am fantasizing about baking cookies and cooking a turkey and putting up a Christmas tree. I am stupidly optimistic. I am more like my old self.

I have no furniture. One of the drawbacks to starting your life over at 32. Good thing I like vintage. And by that I mean used and cheap.

It seems most definite that we will go on strike on Monday. I have never been on strike before. What does one wear on a picket line? If you're a Telus employee, apparently it involves some sort of sport sandal, a big tshirt and ill-fitting shorts.

Mayhaps tonight I will get to see some stars.


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