Friday, August 26, 2005

I had a great time at Sakinaw Lake. I truly did. BUT - there were 2 very unhappy moments. One was when my mom called to tell me that her doctor found a cancerous mass in her breast and that she is scheduled to see a surgeon on Wednesday. The second event was when, shortly after the phone call, a filling in my top molar fell out. Guess who doesn't have dental coverage during the lock out? Thankfully all this happened today - the last day of my trip.

My brother is flying in tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing him and he will provide a healthy distraction for my mother. Also, he is strong and handy so he can help me move. So far, I have but one body to help me move. He will make 2. God help us all.

I am trying not to freak out too much over my mother's situation. Her doctor assures her that because they found the mass so early - her chances are great. She is only 56 and very healthy. It's fucking scary, let me tell you. Positive thoughts, though, right?

Christ, with the lock out, trying to move, rotting teeth and my mother's threatened well-being - it is more than a body can take at times.

Shore wish I didn't have a broken, jaggedy molar.

I cannot tell you how very, very much I am dreading the picket line tomorrow. Far too much time to march around and dwell.

Someone please come and pump me full of Ativan, pack up my things and wake me when I'm safely in my new home. C'mon, be a sport. Wait - actually wake me when the CBC snips the padlock, will ya?


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