Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I only picketed for 2 hours today. I just wasn't feeling the fire in my belly, I'm afraid. And my back is still awful sore from the nasty sunburn I cultivated yesterday. The picket line depressed me today. I was too disheartened to even bother to shake my fist toward Ontario (no point in shaking it at the Vancouver plant - ain't nobody there). I received my first lock out paycheque yesterday. $240!! Only $1000 to go and I will make my rent.

I wish I had something else to talk about. I'm going to the Sunshine Coast for two days, so maybe I can chat y'all up better-like after I return.

Uninspired am I. I am crazy tense and stressed out. Too bad I gave up on yoga. The only other relief I can think of is too difficult to perform on a picket line.

Don't cry for me Argentina. Well, you can cry a little.

Here, read Canned Clams. He actually has something to say.


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