Saturday, August 27, 2005

Weeeeell, I lasted 2.75 hours on the picket line today. Not good. I have eleven hours to make up before tomorrow. I just couldn't handle it today. The weather's gone to shit. It's grey, windy and cold and there were only a few people on the line. I forgot to bring a book and a coat - so, like a trooper, I quit! I'm nursing a half tumbler full of optimism today and I figure hours and hours in front of the CBC may just jeapordize what little hope I have.

Right now I'm using a pirated dial-up connection, so I'll make this brief. That, and I've nothing all that new to say. However, I did witness a rather nasty incident as I walked to the CBC today. A nicely dressed, fairly attractive and young-ish woman was walking in front of me. I watched as she discreetly put her hands down the back of her pants and made a little adjustment. No big deal. You gotta do what you gotta do, right? Sure. But then she pulled her hand out and put her finger in her mouth. Now, I'm not really uptight about body stuff. But, please. I'm not sure what she was inspecting for and I'm also confused as to why she would risk such an act in public. All I can guess is that maybe she was checking to see if she was bleeding. This was something I didnt really NEED to see. Butas off-putting as it was - well, it gave me something to think about. And write about. Ah, inspiration around every bend.

And now I go pack my belongings.


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