Sunday, September 11, 2005

Allnighter Ab Workout & Happy B'day Gus!

I simply cannot survive another coughing fit. I am surprised someone in the building didn't file a noise complaint last night. It must have sounded like someone was abusing a seal. I have broken blood vessels in my eyes from all the nasty hacking. I am assuming I have bronchitis at this point. I come to my diagnoses honestly as I used to suffer chronic bronchitis from early childhood into my late teens. I usually came down with it 4 times a year. Generally at Christmas, my birthday and before any event that actually meant something to me. Sometimes it would get so bad at night that my parents would take me to emergency for a gravol shot so that everyone in the family could get a little sleep. Thankfully, I pretty much outgrew it when I was 18-ish. I've had it a few times since then, but not chronic. I guess my immune system was so thrashed that after I made it through the flu I was wide open for this hit me.

The only positive, as fas as I can see, is that all this coughing feels like I've been doing thousands of crunches and I don't feel like eating. Body sculpted by disease Hot. What sucks like crazy is that I realllllly can't be sick right now. I have a new apartment to prepare, picket duty and a million other things I whine about regularly. Not to mention I'm broke and I need to be looking for a new job. Oh, yes and my mother is going off the deep end and is insisting on taking everyone with her. I need a health transfusion, stat.

Oh, and it's the second birthday of the loveliest little boy in the UK. Gus is spending his second birthday at Club Med in Sicily. I bet his parents are having sex.


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