Wednesday, September 28, 2005

desperate measures

So, here's the deal. Because Miss Thing (aka Slushpile) doesn't have a laptop anymore; can't afford to hook up internet, no, not even dial-up, and no, definitely not cable; I, thepplecore have offered to blog for her until the strike is resolved or she wins the lottery.

It's a slightly roundabout way of doing things seeing as I live in NYC, but what with my free long distance, cable internet and oodles of time on my hands it should work fine. Until I lose interest.

Anyhoo, please keep in mind it's "as told by" not a transcription. And with that disclaimer, we're off and running.

The poor thing is on Day 27 of her hacking cough and god only knows what day of the strike. She has what she calls an infestation of mice in her new place. I suspect it's just one cute little critter but shhhh, let's keep that between you and me or she'll feel like we don't take her seriously.

Gouda, the Kitty, is supposed to take care of the problem but Gouda's babysitter refuses to hand her over because he is OBSESSED with the kitty, OBSESSED I tell you. "Kitty this" and "kitty that", on and on and on ad nauseum.

Enough with the updates!

The real story is what happened on the picket line today.

Slushie signed in to strike and then headed straight over to Starbucks. Who did she see but Richard Stursberg, the head of the CBC. He's supposed to be in Toronto at the bargaining table, hard at work. It takes a slacker (slush) to know a slacker (R. Stursberg) and a crack journalist to think to photograph Richard to provide proof for the hardworking folks walking the line. So, Slush snapped his likeness with her cellphone and headed back.

From the way she tells it, she was hero of the day. A gang of 50 or so headed over to harass Rich Stursberg, led by none other than Slush. She wisely ducked out when the unruly mob turned right by mumbling something about going somewhere. (To actually picket? Let's give her the benefit of the doubt.) Anyway, now she can't be implicated in fingering Richie. Until now.

I don't think anything else happened when they confronted him but it turns out he is in town visiting his sick mother. Hard to argue with that.

Oh, and if you're wondering how my day was, it was okay. My cold is going away, the man stayed home sick with the cold I gave him, and the hunt for an appropriate outfit for Friday's meeting with the Man was fruitless.


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