Thursday, September 15, 2005

ill communication

S'late. Still coughin'. My mom came in to help paint today. We spent 5 hours talking about various diseases. From cancer to hantavirus. It was worth it. She's a very productive painter. Thanks be to the mother who made me. My place is now somewhat, almost, nearly ready for me to move in.

HAPPY 1 MONTH LOCK OUT ANNIVERSARY EVERYONE! I would have bought y'all a little something but I kind of lost my job. I picketed for a few hours until I simply couldn't take it anymore. Every time I laid foot to concrete my sinuses protested by trying to push my eyeballs out of my head. Pretty.

I looked very hideous today/tonight. So I watched Six Feet Under and poor David was kidnapped by a very nasty man. I thought it was a slightly heavyhanded script. But what do I know? I'm just an unemployed writer.

Night dearhearts.


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