Saturday, September 10, 2005

Left to my own devices

Picketed 3 hours before the rain and my failing health drove me to accept the first warm lift home.

The cold medicine is keeping me wide awake but my body is too exhausted to do anything. So, I've slipped back into my old nocturnal online habits. Frittering hours away. In fact, I just spent 45 minutes on Friendster. I got soooo over Friendster a while ago, but sometimes it sucks you in. Exploring all the degrees of "friends" can be fascinating. To think just by knowing someone with a life you are barely connected to all sorts of other people with lives. Attractive people who do things. Real things! There's photos to prove it. Friends at parties, friends all gussied up, friends on camping trips... you get the picture. Friends is having good times, yo. Well, that is if you believe the propaganda. If you look at my profile I also look like I have a life. Suckers.

Before I was lured in by Friendster, I spent far too much time on craigslist vancouver. I am tentatively looking for a very temporary renter for the extra room in my new apt and craigslist has a few potentials who may just work.

Sure, I checked out the jobs link but I stayed for the personals. Man, I could read that shit for hours. And I did! The "casual encounters" listings were by far the most interesting. Folks looking for company during business trips, men seeking early morning quickies whilst their girlfriends/wives are at work, elderly women seeking fellows barely old enough to shave for "fun times, maybe more". I am recounting the PG version, of course. It gets pretty explicit and I wonder what kind of nerve it takes to answer one of those ads. I can't imagine emailing someone for an NSA (no strings attached - I picked up some of the lingo) encounter. Even if I were hard up/curious enough to do it, I'd be way too scared that I'd be killed into little bits or, even worse, that the guy would be totally gross.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not judging the folks who place and answer personal ads. I know people who've done it and they're good fine people, Stuart. But I simply cannot imagine myself doing it. Not even a nice ad as opposed to a raunchy, rip-snorting hook-up ad. Perhaps that is why I enjoy perusing from a safe, self-righteous distance. Ah, 'tis a voyeurs life.

I guess I had better try to counteract my daytime cold meds with some Nyquil or I'll be restless for the rest of the night, wondering if the "35 yr old woman looking for over 9 inches in Coal Harbour" is someone I know.

Night, y'all.


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