Thursday, September 08, 2005

My lap shall ne'er be warm again

Such a shame... Look how famous (scroll waaaaaaaaaaaaaay down to the end of page 1).

Jumping Jesus on a pogostick, wouldn't you know it! Looks like after the 15th I will have to go even further on hiatus. The CBC has requested that I return my ZeD laptop. My lifeline. Weep. I am far, far too poor to even consider getting a new computer and internet cafes just aren't my thing.

Of course the CBC has every right to ask for their equipment back. I'm surprised I've gone undetected so long. This is a bad sign. I was given the laptop to do my job. They are now taking away my laptop. Could lead one to believe that I've truly lost my job. Poor me. Poor ZeD.

I have a week left and the only reason I have that long is because the laptop is in storage due to my recent move. I've had unlimited access to a friend's laptop for the past while, but he is coming back into town this weekend.

Oh shit, I will have to use the Yellow Pages again! And not only will I no longer have convenient email access, I can kiss my chat clients goodbye. Faced with the ultimatum of speaking to friends face-to-face or dying alone, I'm leaning toward the latter.


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