Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Note to self: This lock out blows. I spent some time today reading through the messages posted in our local Yahoo! lock out group. People are unable to make their mortgage payments and the banks are not sympathetic. This strikes me is incredibly stupid (no pun intended). When all this bullshit ends, many (probably not me - sad) CBC employees will return to work. They will resume their roles as money-earning citizens. Folks with pockets to be plundered and credit ratings to be leaned on. Methinks the banks are being rather short-sighted.

I do hope anyone out there grown-up enough to have a mortgage remembers to be childish enough to hold a grudge when this all ends. If stability returns it would be grand to see all of the paycheque-cashing CBC'ers stick it to the banks. I remember when my father transferred his mortgage and all his accounts from TD because a young, snotty loan officer made a condescending comment about my dad's recent career change. Bank management called my dad for a week trying to convince him to reconsider. I don't believe my father has felt such satisfaction since nor does he expect to before he leaves this world.

As for me, I am waiting for HR to process my R.O. E and maybe think about sending my severance pay. I was thinking just this morning how neat it would be to be able to afford to turn the heat on this winter. Ah, dare to dream.


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