Monday, September 12, 2005

Ok, really now...

UNCLE! UNCLE, UNCLE, UNCLE!!! There, now can we please get back to work? Seriously. This is getting ridiculous. And by that I mean it's even more ridiculous that it was after the first day. Why, it's progressed to quite simply ridick.

And guess who left the only recent copy of her resume locked up tight inside the CBC? Deep inside of her computer. Smart, right? Don't ask. I thought I sent myself a copy. Turns out I didn't. Three cheers for me.

I was told that even if the union and the brass decided to play nice today, it would be weeks before things are finalized. Equal parts depressing and distressing.

Regardless and irregardless, I am quite impressed with the Vancouver CMG. They have been very kind and understanding - what, with my recent rash of ill fortune and sickness. I don't know if the CBC would have been as benevolent. But I'd be more than willing to let them try! I shore would.

I'm tired and I have more painting to do tomorrow morning. But first I have an night of spastic coughing ahead of me. Nothing makes a body feel more refreshed than coughing until you puke. Anyone wanna make out?


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