Monday, September 19, 2005

Poor Me

I am in a filthy mood and I'm not too sure why. I bought a couple of dressers and and desk today from a thrift shop and I got a fantastic deal. My severance package came and my apartment looks half decent. So, I should be fairly happy, right?

Well, I'm not. I'm prickly and bitchy. Mind you, my severance pay was a bit smaller than I had expected ($1100 in taxes deducted) and money is pouring out of my fragile bank account at an alarming rate. I realized today that I don't have enough money to pay for three months rent as I had planned and there are so many costs coming up. I can't afford cable and forget about high-speed internet. Fall wardrobe? Ha! A very much needed vacation? Pfft. Fuck, I'll be lucky if I make rent for November. I hate this lock out. I most definitely will have to go look for work elsewhere. I simply can't survive on strike pay. I loved working for the CBC and it really blows that my time there has to end like this.

Sigh, I had better go balance the books. While I'm at it, I'd best budget in dough for an interview suit and a new portfolio case. Rock on.


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