Thursday, September 29, 2005

a slight edit

Many thanks to the apple of my eye for blogging for me. She's a real peach. Thankfully, I have a moment or two of stolen cyber time via the VPL to check in (note: I loathe using the internet amongst the great unwashed - literate as they might be). Of course I feel the need to add and amend a thing or two from the post outta NYC (holla.) FIRST of all, I signed in to picket NOT strike! We must be careful with our language here! I am not not, nor have I ever been on strike. I have been locked out. Corporate tough love, if you will. Also, I HAD to have a coffee! I am sick...soooooo sick and I needed coffee right away and yes, maybe I signed in BEFORE I ever-so-quickly ran out to Starbucks but as it turns out I was on official business. It's not easy for us crack journalists. No one understands us. And save the crack-cocaine jokes.

It's true I veered off from the protesters heading to Starbucks. Someone had to stay on the picket line. I mean, there were purses in the trailer! It had nothing to do with me not wanting Stursberg to recognize me as the snitch from the coffee bar. I resent the implication. Mmm hmm.

Apparently Stursberg handled the crowd like a pro. He stood up and shook hands and asked people their names and the positions they held. A sure-fire way to dampen mob mentality. Pretty hard to whip of a chorus of "Shame! Shame!" once you've clasped hands and told the guy what floor you work on. He answered questions - well he responded to questions. I wouldn't necessarily call them answers. And he agreed to be interviewed for pirate radio.

And I don't actually remember referring to myself as a "hero". I mean if others want to, that's ok. I'm cool with it.

I wish I still had the technology to upload my cell phone photo. No bluetooth in this godforsaken place. of knowledge. Pfft. Perhaps I can get a friend to do it. It's a funny photo.

It's a massive pain to use the library to do this. I don't have a valid library card (fines up the wazoo) and I hate waiting and I obsess over the germy keyboard. And so I will have to trust the apple to do this for me. Thanks k2. And please don't be funnier or more appealing than me. It wouldn't be right.

I will see you all from time to time and hopefully more regularly once I get rich or employed - whichever comes first.


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