Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Besides the fact that I can't hardly breathe none and my skirt feels too tight because apparently a diet of Halloween candy and steroids will do that to a girl and I still don't know if I have a job and I had to borrow $600 from my parents to pay my rent... things are great!

I am using some pretty nifty flatscreen monitors at work - 2 of 'em, dontcha no. Sadly, it does not make script-writing much easier. Actually, I made some headway last night. Well, I got started and that is huge. I feel like maybe it's lacking a little personality - but if I write in my own voice, who in the hell is going to watch that? So much to learn.

Thank you Doppelganger for talking me down off the ledge. Society has you to blame for my longevity. You should also know I still abuse commas - placing them willy-nilly. Using them for pauses, to signal inhalations and wherever I think they may pretty up a sentence. I can't stop. I can't try to stop. I am unemployable.


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