Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thursdays were always my favourite...

I spend an impressive amount of time feeling offended. The good doctor advises against this. But he doesn't know the whole enchilada. Not my particular enchilada, anyway. Arm's length can be like the longest mile or several kilometres, even!

Recently someone told me that I'm not the sort who is destined to be happy or satisfied in life. That I fool myself - trying to create domestic bliss that I will eventually tire of and try to escape from. Now, it's not like I trust the source of these sage words... so then riddle me this: Why can't I stop thinking about what he said? What if he has a point? What if he didn't and he just put a fucking hex on me? Did anyone ever think about that?

Aw, look who's talking shit again.

Hey, today at work there was a big panic to save a litter of Golden Retrievers. And guess who fell for it hook, line and sinker...? Me, obviously. An email went around the office asking if anyone knew of a good home for some doomed puppies. There were even photos included! It's a good thing I ffwd'ed it around to my friends because we all know how hard it is to give away $700 purebred Golden Retriever puppies! I hate the people who come up with these stupid hoaxes. Particularly when I can't be on the snickering-I-knew-the-whole-time team.

Look how cute.


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