Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Back in black

Well, well, well... just look at me. Back online! Can't keep a mutha fucka down, fo sho. My dearest, most lovely and attractive friends from LONDON, ENGLAND sent me a darling little Thinkpad. They are just the best, all the way over there in LONDON, ENGLAND. Nina, George and wee Gus... you have done the world a favour. For real.

I am going to start writing. Don't worry, it'll be much better than this. It's gonna be goooooood. You'll see.

Last night I went out with my favourite neighbour. It turns out that I still can't handle my draft. Makes me feel young. We brought our laptops to the legion and got loaded...well, I got loaded. Fun. Except that I did wake up awfully hung over and there were a few moments in the night that I thought I was going to revisit my before-bed-bowl-of-lentil soup. But everything worked out super swell in the end.

Im equal parts bored and excited. I. Am. Such. An. Enigma.


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