Monday, May 29, 2006

Sweet nothing

You know, when I was employed all I longed for was time off. I figured that an open dance card would fix me up, make me a happier more relaxed person. Well, guess what? No fucking chance.

I've all the time in the world and I guess I'm more relaxed... if by 'relaxed' you mean not wanting to get out of bed, ever. Happier? Pfft. Today, as I moaned about not wanting to leave the house I was interrupted with the most irritating question.

'Well, what would you rather be doing?'

Hmmm... nothing was the first thing that came to mind so that's what I went with.

'Nothing', I answered.

Riveted? Well, what could I say? I'd rather be backpacking across Europe, horseback riding, helping the poor...? 'Nothing' really summed it up quite nicely. The problem with 'nothing' is that it's not much of a conversation starter. It's not even a conversation ender, more of a conversation peter-outerer.

So what does one do about nothing?

Perhaps a little lie-down is in order...


Anonymous nadina said...

yup good old therapy 101.

I say go for a double grande americano ~~when you feel no direction or spring in your step personality in cup ,a nice jittery resolve to think about it all later. Just to be happy you are not holding the couch down for another day.
Anyhow the not wanting to leave the house comment just hit a nerve sniff.I have a coupon for the drive threw Starbucks I have to go now.
bye for now. Glad to read you again.

5/29/2006 8:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We seem to hear more from you when your depressed. Selfishly thats a plus, but maybe you should be careful with the depression-watch it doesnt get out of hand.

My girlfriend and I love your blog. We'd like to read it every day. HINT HINT.

No pressure though!

Take care, and remember nothing can be great. Just look at Seinfeld.

5/30/2006 12:50 AM  
Blogger Kerry said...

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel...if you are really desperate for something to do...i am really desperate for someone to come to my work once a week for basically cheap labour. upload some stuff to the net, proofread some stuff, maybe a little editing. $62.50 a day, paid under the table. you can pick your own day and even have your own little office. I BEG OF YOU. only once a week! something to do...keep you sharp. another thing to add to your resume? this is for july and august only. you should do it. for reals.

5/30/2006 9:05 AM  
Blogger Shane said...

You should try the backpack around Europe thing. You'd love it.

5/31/2006 10:19 PM  

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