Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Party like a ROCKSTAR

Earlier this morning I picked up a bag of pistachios and one of these babies. It looks very much like a can of beer and so just to be fun I tossed my straw, cracked it open and put on my best beer-drinking face for the walk home. I drank deeply as I crossed a busy intersection and thoroughly enjoyed the curious looks people shot my way.

(Okay, so maybe no one really thought I was drinking beer on the street in the morning. Yes, maybe they were only looking at me because I was the only one crossing the street at that time, but let's not piss on my parade before the marching band hits the pavement.)

I washed back the last handful of salty pistachios just as I reached the door to my suite, tossed the can into the recycling bin and got right back into bed.

And you know what? I totally feel like a fucking rockstar.


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