Saturday, July 15, 2006

Aaaannnny way...

Well, this morning I sent off another story. The editor responded with nary a word about a re-write. Fe-antastic. According to the invoice I sent I am looking to come into a cool $459 - eventually.

Tomorrow I turn 34. Snore. Well, it was awfully nice to come home to a birthday card peeking out of my mail slot. At least my parents love me... or they're afraid I' ll skip town without paying them the $400 I owe them.

Hmm...what else? Today I bought: 1 plum, 1 nectarine, a tube of liverwurst, a loaf of rye bread and a package of Hobnobs. Very geriatric... and delicious. I made a dollar dance, I tell you.

Oh, key-rist! My cat is manically scratching the shit out of everything in site to punish me for leaving her alone tonight and maybe for forgetting to get catfood. Well, it costs $10! If I have to eat tuna this week, so can she. I had better go get m' trusty waterbottle and spray the little bugger before she trashes the whole joint.

And remember, make time for flowers.


Blogger Shane said...

Happy Birthday J! I hope you get more freelance work. It's only a matter of time before the word gets around!!! I'm sure you'll do "smashingly".

I just had a show. It was pretty cool... it was in a 14-15th century Ottoman Empire Cathedral! I'll find a way to post some photos or vid of the exhibition.


7/16/2006 12:49 AM  
Anonymous chris said...

happy belated birthday from the unravelled section of winnipeg.

8/02/2006 7:14 PM  

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