Sunday, August 06, 2006

Nothing I haven't heard before...

In the case of Cancer woman, she expects her beau to appreciate and respect those maternal qualities which may be invisible to anyone else but her.

Cancer people tend to be something of an enigma. Because this sign is ruled by the Moon, Cancer individuals – particularly women – change their moods, minds and personalities with the ease and speed with which the Moon moves from one phase to the next. Cancer women tend to be demonstrative – even if their affection is not reciprocated.

Given the right partner, Cancer women make wonderful lovers and lively companions. They are kind, caring, compassionate and defensive of their loved ones. However, treat a Cancer badly and she will react like the Crab which symbolises the sign. Her soft and emotional centre is protected by an impenetrable shell. A Cancer scorned is a Cancer scarred and the claws will quickly emerge. Cancers thwarted in love can be cruel, cutting and contemptuous.

However, when in love, Cancer individuals are great sentimentalists and go to enormous lengths to find the perfect Valentine’s Day card or gift. They are wonderful homemakers, imaginative cooks and quite prepared to sacrifice their own needs for those of their loved ones.


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