Thursday, August 03, 2006

Water waster

Today I went on a 4-hour tour of the Capilano Watershed. It was surprisingly interesting. The only thing that sucked about it was all the education. I can no longer claim ignorance... I am a water waster and I will have to curb that behaviour. Still, I really, really like flushing my toilet after EACH use... does that make me a monster? Depends who you ask.

Sunset on the beach. Chicken soup in West Vancouver.

I feel weird. Kind of excited and kind of depressed. Bi-polar? Pfft... who isn't? No, I don't think it's that. Could be a number of things. My routine has recently changed and I feel like I've been sent to the kiddie table. I'm still waiting to get paid for a couple of stories and I'm getting poorer by the second. I have to do my taxes... for the years 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002. For real. I feel restless and bored and uncomfortable. I announce that things need to change. I state it clearly and with honest conviction. And yet the song remains the same.

Man, I need some winegums and a little vino wouldn't hurt? Why not?

*** Dear Mel - Although I feel strongly about the whole "dress shorts" thing - I do believe a long short (more of short pant) is a strong choice. Unless, of course you are teaming it up with a crop-top and 4 inch espadrilles. If that is the case, may God be with you.

*** Doppelganger - I am disappointed that you cannot embrace the way of the humble wine gum. But I love the hell out of those juice berries. And so, you are still my favourite person named "Doppelganger". Go gummy or go home.

*** Spoonman - floral gums are fantastic. They stick to one's teeth. Snacks for later. Delish.

*** Nadina - do not quit the internet. Let's not go nuts! The world wide web loves you and needs you.

*** Campers - May your marshmallows toast evenly and the ticks stay off of your nether regions. I wish I were with you.

*** And, I'm ashamed to admit that I went on Myspace last night almost immediately after I posted. BUT I had a good reason. I had a MESSAGE. Plus, I'm INVESTIGATING something. So get off my neck! But let it be known I still think the site looks and works like shit and that the majority of "users" are letches and lolitas. There... I think I've contradicted myself just enough.


Anonymous nadina said...

:) tehe, well Kinnie Starr was rocken' out here last week and for that mater my hubby played on the same weekend bill. She is a myspace tramp.

I may need to quite a little ....take a look at what isn't giving back to me. oh gatta goooo

8/04/2006 9:33 AM  

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