Sunday, September 17, 2006

Stairway to heaven

Last night my neighbours invited me upstairs for fun times and a delicious mixed grill dinner. I haven't had a proper nice meal in a while - at home, anyway. Unless, you consider Hobnobs and lemonade a proper meal - cuz in that case, I've been eating like royalty. Rare steak, lamb chops, tasty blue cheese salad and ice cream. I have been having a rotten time with my asthma and I promised myself just yesterday that I was going to make an attempt to eat better. Everything timed out quite nicely.

Hmm...what else is new? Other than what I had for dinner... Oh, that's right! I met with a headhunter and he is putting forth my resume for a job that I am grossly underqualified for. And this isn't modesty, or low self-esteem talking - this is for real. The pay is good. Okay, it's more than good - it's kick-ass. And so I will put myself through the humiliation of the interview. The shiny penny has clouded my not-very-good judgement. I will keep you posted.

Allergies are killing me, perhaps that is why this post is so boring. I can't even manage to read through what I just wrote. Yawn. It feels like a thousand flies are buzzing around the inside of my face. My nose is swollen. This is a very bad thing as I am not small of nose.

I love you all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'd like to see you write for Only magazine, but it probably doesn't pay and they'll probably get crushed out of existance because they're so damn good.

9/20/2006 11:31 AM  

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