Monday, October 16, 2006


Doesn't time fly when you're... doing whatever it is one does?

I haven't written here forever. Check that - I haven't written anywhere for-ever. A lot has happened it seems and yet, I have nothing new to report.

I put on a Thankgsiving dinner that turned out a-okay, in the end. However, there was much panic as fate decided to bend me over for another spell and wipe out my funds the day before dinner. I had yet to buy yams, potatoes, corn, breadcrumbs, pie and pastry ingredients, cranberries - basically I had me a turkey and nothing else. Thankfully, a well-placed loan came in from my little brother. Very cool feeling to borrow cash from your youngest sibling - let me tell you. But, hey - it was a holiday. Dinner was delicious if you believe my guests - but then they could have been lying to spare my feelings... dinner guests are notorious for that.

What else, what else... EI is giving me whatfor. The red tape! You wouldn't even believe it! Or maybe you would...

There is a possiblity I may get to go out of town next week for three blissful days of solitude. No television, no computer, no cell phone reception... Just a big clear glacial lake, a cabin and some big-ass mountains. I want this.

Oh, the film festival! Well, that didn't turn out so well... I had scheduling difficulties and then I couldn't make it to see many films and I wouldn't have been able to go to the volunteer, what is the point, I ask you. I worked a few shifts and then hung up my little black apron. Don't get me wrong - I had some good times. For example - apparently, Japanese exchange students find me very very youthful in appearance. That, and they loved to touch my tattoos. Every young Japanese woman I worked with first expressed shock over my 34 years and then asked to touch my ink. Man, I gotta move to Japan. Caresses and compliments? Colour me in. Oh, and I saw a couple of good films.

Oh, and good news! My lips aren't chapped anymore. So, yeah... that's good.

I never promised you a rose garden.


Anonymous n said...

okay I'll take what blog crums I can get.
I have been reading books...actual hard copy words. Was laughing out loud to 'I love You more than you know.'
oh anf the word verification type is getting hard for my to read. I suspect there is an age cut off for blog reading. I am having a b-day in december. Shit just a few months to finish my 43rd year art project.Better get to work.

10/18/2006 8:47 AM  

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