Thursday, January 04, 2007

would you pick me up?

I got a Nano for Christmas. Yes, I did. I am lucky.

Last night I was listening to music and trying to fall asleep. Not very smart. I can't really sleep to music - the lyrics tend to engage me and keep my mind from deadening and dulling enough to drift off.

Anyhoo, one song that kept me from the land of Nod was Hello Saferide's The Quiz . I won't bother telling you what it's about - if you watch the video that I've so generously embedded for you and listen to the nice and literal lyrics, well, its uber self-explanatory.

Personally, I found the song charming, funny and kind of sad in a way... but mostly happy... maybe not happy - hopeful, is more appropriate.

Can you sleep when I grind my teeth
Do you look away if I slob when I eat
Will you let me be myself
Can you at all times wear socks, because I’m still scared of feet

Have you slept with any people I work with
Is there anyone you’d rather wish I’d be
Do you still keep pictures of old girlfriends
Are they prettier than me

And if I’d fall, would you pick me up

Mind you, it sounds like this woman has had her man trubbles. If you get a chance, listen to Valentines Day and iPod Xmas.


Anonymous nadina said...

that was great, thanks Jen .love finding new art.

1/04/2007 6:17 PM  

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