Saturday, January 13, 2007

young people today

It's Saturday night. Aiight. Ohhhh yeh. Snap. Guess what I'm doing? No, really. Guess. I'm looking at my foot. Oh, wait, now I'm licking my top lip and considering rifling through my purse for some lip balm. Man, I rock.

Um... yeah, so, I quite like Lily Allen. And yeah, I'm aware that she's big with the not-nearly-as-old-as-me set, but whatever. I'm totally ok being that old chick who slowly leeches the cool from the young folks' tune-age. Very satisfying to say 'tune-age'. Sad and satisfying.

What was I going on about? (I went for the lip balm and lost my place) ... Ohhh, right... Yes, Lily Allen and the fresh-faced young people... Well, I love the YouTube vid below. Funny young girl and her brother. Especially funny when she starts going on about having herpes at the end.


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