Tuesday, May 01, 2007

sweet sixteen

An old friend sent this photo to me a while back. I don't remember if I posted it already, but I stumbled across it today and so I'm taking a moment to give a little shout out to me circa 1988.

I feel a little lonely for the old me - sitting on a scratchy sofa, reading the paper. I'm 16-years-old here, tattoo-free and a helluva lot slimmer than I ever realized. I didn't have a job, I had no debt and I had yet to commit any major fuck-ups at this point. This photo was taken by a boy who lived on his own whom of course my parents knew nothing about.

I am also wearing denim, overall shorts with the bib and straps hanging down. Perhaps it is best that you can never go back.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it wrong to kind of have the hots for the sixteen year old you? It's a gray area, I guess. Legal, technically.

5/01/2007 9:56 PM  
Blogger ... said...

ahem... the 34-year-old me is feeling threatened by the 16-year-old me! i can't comment if it's wrong to have the hots for the younger me, but the older me can't help but feel a little insulted.

5/02/2007 3:10 PM  
Anonymous PS said...

Interesting...finding high school friends again recently has me exploring these same 'nether regions' of my angst-ridden teen memories also...but I don't know that feel even one drip of yearning or twinge of envy at the thought of those times...life may have been simpler, but I like having wisdom without confusion...and even though my boobs might have sat higher up at attention, I felt a hell of a lot more insecure about my body then than I do now! It's one of life's great ironies...

5/03/2007 6:09 AM  
Anonymous a new fan said...

Jesus, I remember when girls where wearing those overalls! For the record, you are MUCH hotter now. Your boyfriend is a lucky man! (Yes, I am stocking you via FAcebook!)

5/03/2007 9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does the shirt say "BOY" in a bold san serif typeface?
Cuz it might be mine!

5/04/2007 10:45 PM  

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