Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Here's a mind fuck for you: I graduated from high school 18 YEARS AGO! Is that not seriously messed up? I graduated a whole adult ago. That means I lost my virginity 19 years ago. I have been having sex (with someone other than myself) for almost 2 decades! I remember when I couldn't even fathom using the words "twenty years ago" and not be referring to the toddler years. I'm glad I didn't graduate from university. Who needs another shitty anniversary to feel bad about.


Blogger Justin Beach said...

I feel your pain - it'll be 20 years for me in May = |

1/23/2008 5:22 AM  
Anonymous nightwurker said...

It's just a number...and one you're powerless to control so buck up soldier and get on with it. ya, ruthless I know, but I'm all over the tough love thing. PS: I got glasses last year.

1/25/2008 8:51 PM  

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