Monday, January 07, 2008 never know...

It's the second week of January and I'm starting to suspect that 2008 may be equally as underwhelming as 2007 -- at least in some areas of my life. Oh, I know that's not the can-do attitude you've all come to expect from me... but, never know...

Lashity, lash, lash...out. Passive aggressive mascara. An orgy of ellipses. Really, what's the point? Let us hop, skip and jump to more neutral territory, shall we? Ladies first.

Today I got glasses. Fancy-pants ones at that. I look like Nana Mouskouri with bangs. Or did she have bangs? I don't think so... I will have to investigate. Any-hoosiers, it's a different look. My ophthalmologist told me that I look well under thirty but that my eyes don't LOOK under thirty. Get it? There's a play on words there, but I'm not really in the mood to point it out. I did my all caps bit.

Oh, who cares? I'm going to sleep.


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