Sunday, September 21, 2008

angel envy

i love craigslist personals. the 'missed connections' section lets me people watch from the safety of my own home. i'm hooked on the optimism, romance and tragedy of it all and of course i foster a secret hope of being someone's missed connection. so it is with mixed feelings that i poke fun at other people's posts. but in the end, the smaller, meaner and more funner part of me wins out. i know i'm a bit of a monster... but i just think this is the kind of poetic wax the world can do without. if you try hard enough you can actually hear the scratch of the feather quill and see the print of 'the kiss' tacked to the wall.

"I walked into the Starbucks on Cambie and 19th this morning. Immediately I was taken by your radiant beauty, you seemed to lighten up the room on this dreary day. You have the body of an angel. As I queued up behind you I could not see anything else but the warmth from your soul. Once or twice you looked out in my direction as we waited, your eyes soft and breath taking. You left after ordering your drinks and I saw that you had forgotten your keys at the counter. I called after you letting you know. You said, "Oh, thank you" and flashed a quick smile. Your lips were like a blossoming flower and I just wanted to inhale the fragrant beauty. Then we are both waiting for our drinks at the bar and after a while you looked up at me and thanked me again for giving you your keys. your voice like the most beautiful music showering over me. After wishing me a good weekend you left carrying your drinks and a piece of my heart went with you. I think you are probably married, but would love to sit with you and have a coffee, even just once, for it is surely to be one of the most enjoyable coffees of my life, to be remembered always."


Blogger slagdump said...

sounds like a looooooney!

(That's my bitchy talking)

9/26/2008 10:57 AM  
Anonymous yutai said...

i tried to finish reading that but then i puked a little bit in my mouth and had to go rinse that shit.

9/30/2008 4:42 PM  

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