Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Camp Elaho

I spent this long weekend camping in the Elaho Valley and it was so lovely. Waterfalls, swimming holes and mildly terrifying nights in a tent all contributed to an excellent mini-vacation. This is saying something, considering I forgot the bug spray and the skies were filled with blood-thirsty flies. Seriously, black/deer/horse flies are the assholes of nature. At certain hours of the day I was literally punching flies in their evil little fly faces. But no matter, I survived. A bear was spotted 100 feet from our campsite, but he didn't give two shakes about us. All in all, my first camping trip in nearly a decade was a grand success.

You know what? I think Facebook has really dulled my blogging skills. No matter how I try, I can't make this post unboring. You see, I already discussed my camping trip in a concise & clever Facebook status update. I feel like I've blown my load with Facebook and while I can still get it up for Blogger, I'm kind of going through the motions. Not good. I will have to try to post here a little more before I become a hopeless vicitim of social networking.

One last thing, did you know that people actually pack up gigantic bbqs into their pick-up trucks to set up on pristine nature sites? Really. It was the weirdest thing I'd ever seen and it doesn't strike me as very bear aware.

Anyway, apologies if you've actually read this far. I'll try harder next time.

Kisses on your lipses.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where did you find swimming holes in the Elaho? I've been going there for 10 years have seen nothing but glacial rivers. I'd love to go swimming there ... thanks.

5/16/2014 10:15 AM  

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