Monday, March 29, 2010

What's cookin?

Holy smokes, it's nearly April 2010. Can you guys EVEN believe it?
The trees are blooming here and at least a couple days of the week are all about the sun.
This is nice. I'm not what you'd call a hot weather girl, but I am looking ffwd to softer days.
I am dead tired of covering up with a toque for fear of the rain activating the fro.

I've been busy painting & planning and cruising alleys in search of free stuff for the nursery.
What nursery? The nursery for the baby, sillies.
You know, the baby... The one coming in 14 weeks? Yes, that baby.
See? It's not like I've been doing nothing the last few months. I've been rather busy, you see.
Creating life and so on. Quite tiring & exciting and terrifying. I will be a geriatric mother.
Seriously. The medical community declares women over 34 geriatric. Neat.
Well this golden girl is taking one last kick at the can - one last hurrah, as it were.
You know, before my inside lady bits become mummified.

In other news... how about Jesse James and those tattooed chicks? Or Tiger Woods and his filthy golden showers? So glad I'm expecting a boy. Here's hoping he'll be born without the male pig gene.